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HOW TO BE A TEAM Mom/Dad/Parent

We are asked this question quite often and we thought it might help if we
shared some of our experience and the advice that we have been given from
our valued customers.
First of all, there are no rules as to how to handle your situation and
we are only offering these suggestions to help. At this point, I am assuming
that you have already been selected/drafted/volunteered to be
the Team Mom/Dad/Parent.
Now, Congratulations and Bless you for taking on such a hard, important
and under appreciated role. The first thing to do is set up a means of
communication between yourself and all the members involved on the team
(email, text, FaceBook, etc.). Use this as the primary means to communicate,
so that everyone knows where to find out if the game is rained out, if practice
has been rescheduled, any important information, etc.
Discuss and have a majority rule vote on the following at the very first
gathering of all the team members and parents:

A) Are snacks and drinks going to be provided at every game or practice?
If no, every parent/kid is on their own - easy and done.
If Yes, then make sure to set up a roster as to who is bringing what per
game/practice and keep it posted on the source you choose to communicate thru.
**Please make sure to ask if anyone is allergic to anything and plan accordingly**
Some of the more popular items have been bottled water, fruits (apples, bananas, grapes, etc),
gogurts, small chip bags, etc. (Basically a grab and eat and then throw away
type of thing with very little mess).

B) Does anyone want to car pool?
Great way to make friends and get to know the rest of your team.
Communication is a must if you want to do this. Trust these
days is a very hard thing to come by, especially when it comes
to your child, so if this is not for you, don’t do it. If there are
several players that live in the same neighborhood, you may want to discuss it.

C) Is there anyone who can run the practice/game if the Coach cannot make it?
Coaches are human as well and most of them are volunteers with families
Let’s face it, things happen. Again, communication is key - ask the coach
if he/she can give you a little notice if he/she knows that he/she is not going
to be able to make it. Then have the back up person already in mind and agreeable to
stepping in. Foresight on this will save a ton of frustrated parents and kids.

D) Can any of the parents volunteer if the coach needs help during the games/practices?
I cannot stress this enough, please just offer, do not push this on the coach.
This is not a chance for anyone to re-live their high school dreams and show the world
that they should have been the first round draft pick back in their prime
or that they “Still Have It”. This is about the kids getting the best experience they can have.

E) Does everyone want to have a banquet at the end of the season?
If not, easy and done. If Yes, discuss what will be involved - Food, Drinks, Location, etc.

F ) Trophies - this is a tough one, the main thing is to have an open communication
with all the parents to determine if everyone gets a trophy, if only certain
trophies will be given out (MVP, etc) or if no trophies will be given out.
If awards/trophies are going to be given out, determine a dollar amount that
each parent is willing to pay. Collect the money up front before ordering the awards/trophies
and put it in a safe place. This is a tough one as we all have heard stories
of people taking the money and disappearing. My personal advice would be to either
designate a trusted person to hold the money or go ahead and order the awards/trophies
as soon as you get the money and pay for them. I would personally do this at the beginning
of the season as feelings tend to change as the season proceeds.
**) If ordering awards, Make sure to have the list of names reviewed
by each parent to make sure the names are spelled correctly.
Determine who will select the awards or offer the parents a choice of up to
two or three choices (the fewer choices the better) - let majority rule.
Allow time for the awards to be made prior to the banquet.

G ) Ask the parents if it is okay to keep the contact information of each player
on the communication site (ex. FaceBook) to allow the players to stay in touch
with each other after the season is over.
Last but not least, have fun and enjoy the adventure.

If we can be of any assistance, we would love to help, Trophies Unlimited
We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you!
The Jones Family - Owners and Operators since 1981.

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